Tuesday, 30 April 2013


This is an awesome fantasy story filled with romance, mystery, tragedy, angst and more. It is something I really enjoyed reading and I recommend it to all. I know the whole story of mutants saving the world has been done, but this seems so original and done in a whole new fresh way. I can’t wait until the plot picks up the pace.

The grammar and spelling needs slight work, along with the chapters being slightly longer and the author needs to be a bit more descriptive. Overall these problems are very minor. Again, I find the story very original and I like that.

You could say it’s a little too melodramatic, but I’d be a hypocrite if I said that since I tend to write stories like this. Seriously, I think it’s taken a little bit overdone with the drama feels good, the emotions, but the entire not speaking and dressing in black, keeping her face unseen… Is way out there. Whole new level of angst and drama, but maybe that’s what gives this story that spooky character.

I recommend this story, the summary was done really well it can pull readers in and the rest of the story keeps them reading. The chapters are short but at least something happens to continue the plot and it’s not unneeded fillers. Overall it’s a story worth checking out, I personally love it.  

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