Wednesday, 24 April 2013


This story is delivered well in a way… I love the author’s style and natural talent, but the spelling, grammar and organization needs a lot of work. The chapters need some major editing. It’s not professional, but at least the author has talent. The summary hooked me in, even though it also was not well written.

I can say I like this story. It has peeked my interest and I think it has a good plot to it, even if it’s too early to tell. I feel potential. That’s the good thing at least, seeing the author grow. I want to see the author get better. She already has talent, now I want to see effort and discipline.

All in all this is a hard review to do because the little I can say is: The author has talent for a plot, but grammar is awful. If you’re looking for a spooky summer adventure, I believe this is the story for you.

I ask for author’s to at least give me three chapters to read, not only does this story only have two chapters, but they are extremely short chapters. The author has huge potential, please keep working hard I want to see you become a great writer. 

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