Friday, 5 April 2013

Ponder Me This

A wonderful philosophical read. A modern rant about the human condition, the author is a great writer and her ideas are what the world needs to hear. I agree with her and love how she puts it in all perspectives. Very creative and the topics she discusses keeps me coming back to see what she rants about next. She rants and always delivers it well. Doesn’t even feel like a rant how she expresses herself… for she expresses her opinions so professionally.
I can feel her frustrations, for they are the same as mine. Though you hardly feel at all that she is frustrated with humanity. You notice it more in later pieces, but still presented very well. She presents her work so well with even a wit about her that makes her serious points enjoyable to read. 
The only thing I didn’t like is that I wish it were a bit more organized. Stick to one topic within one chapter. Not going off into other topics. I prefer to analyze something completely and fully instead of leading to several other points. Maybe I’m blind to see that everything is connected. One thing leads to another, but still being, that is the only thing I would change.
Overall I love this piece of work and the author’s points. She really makes you look at the world in new light. A new perspective and I enjoy that. Seeing an open-minded individual such as herself trying to open the minds of others.

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