Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fifteen Letters

Phenomenal. Not what I suspected. I thought this would be a sappy romance about 'fifteen love letters". Nope. I love how this is said to be a true story. So well done, so amazing every word fits so perfectly. I applaud the author for putting this out in the world. The emotion is raw. It squeezes your heart tight and releases it, every heart string feels a little pull. Sad, intense and touching is how I can describe it.

I hate to judge, but it seems to be something petty to kill yourself over someone rejecting you because they think you're gay. What I’m presuming, the plot has yet to unfold and I hope there’s a lot more to this true story. I won’t judge, pain is pain and I admire the writer for putting this out there.

No negative, the author is very talented, but I wish it wouldn’t be so repetitive. Yes, a little bit. Repeating fifteen letters over again and reliving that painful memory is a great fill and really brings the story together, but let’s step-up the pacing. I really enjoy this story and I want to see it become a renowned true story.

That in of itself makes it even more breath taking. Leaves you in a cold sweat that I love to feel when reading a story. I personally don’t like the ABC Family cast choices, but it’s cute and works I suppose. Overall this is a great story I will recommend for it has potential if it goes the way I hope it does. I know it’s hard since the author will want to stick with what really happened, but how the author delivers these events is what I hope will impress me and other readers. 

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