Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ten Years Later

I love this story. I enjoyed it and think it’s very cute. Any girl should be able to relate this even a little. If you want a love triangle romance… this is the story for you. the author does a very good job and delivering this story. Very good descriptions along with letting her readers feel the emotions her characters feel. I applaud the author’s natural talent.

The negatives, the spelling and grammar needs work. Edit before you update because you will be too busy writing the next chapter to go back and edit the last. Trust me I learned that from experience.  

This story reminds me way too much of the movie, Sweet Home Alabama. I won’t ever accuse of it being a rip-off because sometimes it’s coincidence. The author can make this into her own story. Other than that it’s a great story and to the author, get a little more confidence…

No need to be asking your readers if it’s good or bad all the time. They will review their honest opinion and when they do fix your errors, don’t delete a story because everything you write can have potential. This author has a talent to write romances, so I will be looking forward to more from her.

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