Monday, 29 April 2013

Secrets Unfold

I kind of wish this wasn’t a vampire story, but I know it will become popular because of that. It’s just my personal opinion. I can say that this story is deep and intense. Even though the plot is still in the early stages and unfolding. The mystery is wonderfully amazing. Keeps me hooked.

I feel it has much potential. I admire the author’s talent, it’s well written besides the minor spelling and grammatical errors. This story needs more fans, I really find it brilliant, but the author needs to pick up her updating. That’s how you lose readers in my experience. So needs to be update more, grammar, spelling worked on and pick up pacing just slightly.

Overall I found this a story has much talent. The author is great at description and portraying her character’s emotion. I was very much impressed by the first chapter, but slowly felt disappointed with the rest of the story, so I hope the author gets back to what she was doing in the first chapter. The story and emotion just felt so more real and raw in that chapter. The author has amazing talent so why I will be holding her in high expectations. Give this story a read; it’s one to get into while you don’t have to catch up much. 

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