Tuesday, 23 April 2013


This is a great fantasy web-comic. I recommend to all. I love the plot and the author’s style. The characters stay in character very well. This comic is most impressive for its plot and the updates the author does. That’s appreciated, and again, impressive dedication. Updates five days a week! Although, taking notice of comics that update less…

Their art is better. Why? Probably because they take their days of not updating to practice drawing. This comic will go far. I can honestly say that, but if the author don’t buckle down and get better at their illustration I don’t believe she will find a publisher. Story is to perfection.

Art needs work along with organizing speech balloons. It sometimes was confusing. Even though this has a lot of originality to it, which I love… It reminds me of the TV series, Avatar: The last Airbender. Without a doubt you can say the author was inspired by that series. I can add though at least it wasn’t a huge influence where it shows through glaringly obviously.  

We’re still early on in this web-comic series, and I hope to see more of Caravan. If it is dropped I will be disappointed. I doubt it will be. I see a lot of effort and I will expect nothing less than that. I applaud this comic. Looking forward to the unfolding plot and the author’s growth as a writer and artist. 

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