Monday, 22 April 2013

Guardian Revolution

Captivating. That is the first word I think of when reading this story. Anyone into Sci-Fi is sure to love this read. I know I do. It’s something new, something with originality, which I honestly love to see the most. For to have originality in this day and age is hard to do, usually something to compare to or something you find that inspired the story. Here to my knowledge, I do not find that.

The flaw I find is that there’s a bit too much foreshadowing. A spoiler in the story itself; making me feel like I know what’s going to happen. Even with that being I feel this could be the next bestseller, a renowned blockbuster. It truly peeks my interest.

The author’s writing style I admire though. She chooses the perfect choice of words, how she delivers it. The pacing is good, as well. This story is unique, especially the prologue. It could be something that stands by itself, you can feel the emotion of the main character asking questions into her own mind. I like that. It’s unique. The prologue was good, explained enough without giving the plot away, but the author has that downfall in later chapters.

Other than that this story is bloody brilliant. I want to see this as a bestseller one day in the Fantasy/Science Fiction section. Let’s at least get a Watty Award for this author. I honestly will recommend this story to anyone.

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