Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Against the Odds

This story is splendid. This story is historical fiction set in what I believe to be 18th century London— year undetermined quite yet. In any case, this story follows the life of two young women. A noble woman and a homeless woman on the streets of London.

I have no clue where the author is really, honestly taking this plot— and I usually hate that, when I feel there is no plot, but the author’s writing keeps me reading for I feel the potential and talent spilling from the pages with passion and admirable dedication.

There is hardly anything I have to critique on this story… Perhaps, paragraphs could be broken up more, but other than that I love this story. The style of the writer I truly admire. The dark, forbid feeling I get reading word for word keeps hooking me and it fits so well. So much I wish to find out. I hope the story stays at this good pacing and unfolds to have these girl’s lives collide. Very interesting, I want to see some action, plot twists.

The mystery and even small things— like the author giving her characters the proper accent in their words— makes this story all the more real feeling. And I appreciate that. The effort put into the story at every detail. It is still early on in the story, yet I am so impressed. This is a story I will recommend to anyone. 

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