Monday, 22 April 2013

The Mark Of The Beast

Blood-chilling. This is a wicked story and I love it. I usually am not one for Were stories, but this intrigued me. Done very well, it leaves me on edge. Thrilling. Keeps me hooked and reading. I love the plot, seems very original.

Overall it is well written. A few spelling and grammatical mishaps, but nothing of major concern. The three-year old, Rose seems to articulate herself too well for a three-year old. I feel she is out of character. Before her age was revealed I presumed her to be a six-year old. Twice her age so I suggest the author work on delivering characters. And organization.

I can say I like this story in the least. It is interesting, something fresh and I feel it will go far as the plot unfolds. Something new and weird is my cup of tea. Of course that is my opinion, I just so happen to write a paranormal romance as well. So I hope my reviews don’t become biased. Trying to review this with an open-mind, I believe this story needs work overall, but the plot alone makes up for everything. That is all I have to say. 

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