Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Starstruck On Tuesday

The title isn’t the only thing catchy about this short story. Without a doubt this author is amazingly talented. A great gift for writing that it’s truly admirable. This short story may have not had a real plot to it, but the writing style alone kept me hooked. It is delivered so well that I couldn’t find a thing really wrong with it. For a first written work, it’s amazing.

I’d personally like to see this author do something more. A real novel or a short story filled with a thicker plot. I hate seeing so much talent going to waste. The spelling, grammar, pacing and the way it was delivered all seem to check out to be done so professionally.

At first I didn’t feel like reading a short story, I want to see an author putting all their effort into one piece of work. At least if it’s a short story, I want to see it filled with a good, thick plot. I didn’t find that in this story, but I found a talented author. That I hope I would see published one day… if that is his desire. I hope so. Sad seeing talent wasted. 

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