Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Love Online

Without a doubt this story keeps you guessing. That’s why it’s great. Everything is up to par. A few spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing of huge notice. It was actually impressive. Delivered well and I’m a sucker for internet relationship romances, so I’m definitely hooked. For as many times as this type of romance has been done, this story seems quite original.

The negative is the consistency of chapters. I don’t care if you do two pages or if you do five, just keep each chapter the same length if you can. Doesn’t have to be exact, but don’t make one chapter extremely short and the next extremely long, it will begin to annoy readers.

The author switches from different perspectives quite good, also being in third person I find it impressive how the author keeps it clean and clear. I love the quotes the author decides to put at the beginning of the story. It’s a nice creative touch that puts readers in the mood to read that chapter.

Overall I like this story, I look forward to how the plot will unfold. I’d like to see pacing pick up— or make chapters longer. The story is already in the fourth chapter and the plot hasn’t really gone anywhere. Other than that, if you want an internet romance as much as I do… This is the story for you. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the nice review of my story. I really appreciate it!:))))