Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Brood Knight

Brood Knight

Brood Knight: Shattered Hate and Brood Knight: Shadow Nemesis is another, earlier comic series by kYuPoL that I have also enjoyed. It is a thrilling and dramatic fantasy comic with a brilliant plot. Something I believe that any bullied teenager can relate to. It’s come a long way, and I love feeling the emotion that was put into this series.

Personally, I prefer MAG-ISA versus Brood Knight, because Brood Knight is without a doubt more juvenile. Something I expect from a webcomic, but it is better than the majority of webcomics by a long run. For its plot that kept me hooked. So many scenes that make me wonder which way the plot will go and what happened to these characters in their past. Too bad I’ll never know…

The negatives I find about Brood Knight is that its art needed improving and that it is another comic that was left hanging. If I had read this first, I would have not carried on to the author’s present work MAG-ISA for the thought that would sneak into my mind that he was an author that left his work hanging. Shattered Hate is worth the read, but I’m sad to see Shadow Nemesis, Shattered Hate’s sequel was stopped in any case.

Nonetheless, I recommend it. It was a wonderful read, not only for its interesting plot, but to see how much the author had matured from Brood Knight to MAG-ISA. Read for yourself. See which one you like better.

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