Wednesday, 3 April 2013



There’s so much I could say about MAG-ISA. This comic series has most impressed me and I recommend you give it a read. I believe it is something any angst-filled and out-casted individual can relate to. I love it. Even the simplest summary such as, “A comic about a loner, an angel, and a cult that wants to build a New World Order”. Still got me interested. I admire the dedication of seeing a webcomic that is ongoing. Not just something that is shallow and left hanging by the second chapter.

Some say it is melodramatic, but I think it is pure genius. The passion just reeks from the pages and that’s what I like to see in a story; where you can feel the author’s own emotions shine through.

I also enjoy seeing how the art improves as it goes along. Seeing the author find that style and how he grows with his comic and characters. The anime/semi-realistic style the author has is really beautiful and unique. Both plot and illustration, from the beginning you can see the potential.

The only main negative I find is that I’d appreciate updates more frequent. Especially during fight scenes. Because an epic fight scene gets boring when you wait days only to see just a bad guy getting punched again. It makes a fast, epic fight feel like it’s going slow. Slow is boring, but on the other hand…

If you love to read something that is philosophical, political, spiritual, supernatural, dramatic, with a little humor and romance thrown in… This is the comic for you. The author kYuPoL balances it all amazingly well. No other webcomic, that I have read, has ever portrayed life as MAG-ISA has. To open your eyes to what the human condition really is with a nice fictional touch. I personally would like to see more comics like MAG-ISA, something that is profound such as this. For whoever hates this comic, I believe is out of touch with reality and all the more proves… We need more comics such as this.

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