Thursday, 11 April 2013


This is a fantasy comic and the illustration is absolutely amazing... along with the plot, of course. I even appreciate that on the comic’s website you are reading it like an actual Japanese manga; reading from right to left. A very professionally done comic. Carciphona is very much fantasy set in an alternate universe where demon magic is used. Interesting plot that is worth the read.

However, even though I really enjoy this story and like how it’s set at a faster pace considering fantasies tend to be a tad slow starting out, in most cases. You know…
The whole fantasy world and its history has to be explained before the reader can get right to reading the actual story. This happens in Carciphona, too, but it’s not extensively. Very well done, sometimes hard for readers to understand when you dump tons of info about the fictional world you created on them. This will continue at good pacing.

The illustration is extremely great, but is hard to follow at times. With the author having such an amazing skill at coloring I believe she should have taken the effort to color her comic pages. Also, I think that the volumes could be summed up better and character’s development was too rushed. The dramatic changes weren’t appealing, particularly for Veloce, the main character, who should have grown in a slower manner. Keeps me hooked though to see what makes Veloce tick.

Overall it’s a wonderful story and I recommend it to anyone. If you’re looking for a manga with strong women, action, fantasy and great quality art… This is the story for you.

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