Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Strings of Harmony

This story… Has a very talented author. It is very well written, the spelling and grammar is about perfect. Which is impressive and I appreciate the effort. This is placed in the Teen Fiction Humor genre and I applaud the author, for it is the perfect and star story for this genre.

However, personally it bored me. It is a good story; it’s just my personal opinion that there is no plot to this. No good plot, at least… again, in my opinion. The only thing I enjoyed was the humor, or rather entertainment. It’s good for a small giggle, but nothing really more than that.

If you like stories about bands and music competitions, than this story is for you, but it’s not for me. The pacing needs to pick up, I honestly find chapters were too long and pointless at times. The beginning was good, but after reading on and on I  got bored.

I can say I recommend this story for the author’s amazing ability, I enjoyed reading it for that matter as well, it’s just something I personally will not continue to read. This type of story, even as well written and funny as it is, will only appeal to the right. I wish this author luck and hope she goes far. 

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