Wednesday, 17 April 2013

His Sunglasses

A good story, but depends on who is reading. Personally this isn’t the kind of romance I enjoy, it feels slowly paced and I just want to get to the plot already. This story needs cliffhangers and plot twists. It has potential, but hasn’t impressed me yet. Besides the author’s wonderful style, the story itself doesn’t interest me.

There seems to be little to no plot to this at all. That, I believe, is more my personal opinion since this High School romance rather bores me. For a fact, the author needs to be more descriptive sooner about her characters. I barely can connect an image to the characters in the first few chapters.

I find it cute how we look at both perspectives of Ashton and Amelia, but it is also boring reading over the same thing twice, just from a different perspective. Another thing is, yes, there is a plot. One that seems so predictable that Ashton falls in love with Amelia because she’s the only girl that plays hard to get and she will be the one that blows his cover of him working at a coffee shop. I’ll find out though.

Nonetheless it’s a cute romance, I was still able to read so I admit it’s good. The writer has talent. That I can’t deny. The way the author delivers it and on some fronts the descriptiveness has great style. Can admire that without a doubt. I like the author’s style of writing. If you’re looking for a High School romance I recommend this story.

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