Monday, 15 April 2013

Domain Tnemrot

This is a webcomic set in the future where slaves of the rich are made to fight each other in arenas. There is a resistance trying to stop the slavery and that’s how this plot gets interesting. At first I thought this comic would be boring and too much action. For there is always a gladiator-like battle going on, but if you keep reading you’ll see there is a brilliant plot behind all the action.

Dae, the protagonist is a former free man but now a slave to his master, a young girl named Mia. He is entered into the gladiator games that the rich use to entertain themselves. During his first fight he meets Angel, who asks him to kill her so she can escape her sadistic master. Dae pretends to kill her, but really just helped Angel escape by faking her murder. Angel now stays with Mia and Dae, but her master knows she’s alive and is willing to do anything to get her back.

The great thing about this comic, beside the plot, is the dedication put into it by its creators. The art is amazing and it updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Something I can appreciate in the webcomic world. These are artists with great work and drive to keep doing it.

The bad thing about the illustration is that it is heavily influenced by the manga, Bleach. The second I looked at the pages of Domain Tnemrot I thought, “Looks like a Bleach page”. I don't want to think that. The artwork is top notch, very well drawn, but… Get some originality. I hate seeing such a professionally done story show little originality in its artwork. Other than that… If you’re looking for an action-packed comic with some romance and humor. Check out Domain Tnemrot

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