Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TRS (The Robot Survivors)

The plot is great, ingenious. Who doesn’t love a story about robots taking over the world? The action is awesome, well written there; it is an amazing sci-fi thriller, filled with mystery and some romance. I feel this story could go far…

However, I didn’t find this story professional at all. Nor was it organized. This story honestly gets confusing. Third person I like to read, but the author does not do a good job at pulling it off. If this story had some major editing it could win a watty award no doubt. In its current state… not a chance.

You cannot just have a good plot alone. You have to have grammar, correct spelling, organization, good description and pacing. This story only seems to have a great plot, nothing more. As much as I could enjoy this story, I really don’t want to read it because it is so disorganized, little effort put into it. I recommend it if you want a robot takeover, sci-fi read and only read it if you don’t mind major writing errors. 

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