Wednesday, 1 May 2013


This story is wicked. I love the ingenious plot, it may seem like a X-men or Sky High rip-off to most people, but I appreciate the originality I do see. I recommend this to all. I personally love this story.

The only thing I didn’t like about the story was the main character’s name… Asterisk… Isn’t that what this  *  is? At least the author pointed that out in the story. Oh well, don’t let that shallow critique stop you from reading this. I definitely want to read on with this story and recommend it to all who are into the super-girl kind of stories.

So now in all seriousness, the only mistake I find is minor grammar and spelling, slight lack of description and mainly, that I believe the author should have done this story in first person. Sometimes it switches from third person to first person and that gets confusing. I don’t care what perspective the author decides to do, just pick one and stick with it.

Overall this story impressed me. It is delivered very well and I appreciate the hard effort, admire the author’s talent and look forward to more. If you are looking for a story about mutant kids with special abilities, this story is for you.

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