Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The House of Lattimore

This story is an amazingly professional job. The author has amazing talent for descriptions, which is highly needed in the Historical Fiction genre. You need to transfer your readers mind back to whatever era you are trying to portray and the author of this story does it splendidly. I found practically no mistakes in this story as far as spelling and grammar are concerned.

One thing I think that could use some improvement is that the length of chapters is unconsistent. Try to keep chapters at a decent length and all the same length. It’s disappointing to read one long chapter and then one extremely short one. Readers may lose interest. Shorten some paragraphs as well, other than that I’m impressed with the professionalism.

I recommend this story to all, or those of you looking for a Historical Fiction Romance. It is quite good; plot keeps me interested and that is a hard thing to do. This type of story you need self-study, you need description, you need more effort than other genres that can just be pulled out of your hat.

The author did this story without fail. I sometimes feel it is a tad predictable, but nonetheless makes me question myself, makes me read more and more so I recommend this story for it has just impressed me so much.

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