Wednesday, 15 May 2013

That Morning

Interesting. I can say nothing more; this is a teen fiction short story… That is still early on within the book. I like it so far. I’d like the author to put a summary on this and slow down, this sometimes get’s confusing when you jump right from one scene to the next. Put some obvious indentations within your paragraphs.

The author needs to work on her grammar, perspectives and pacing. Other than that this story is off to a nice start. Too early in the book to say, honestly. It’s an interesting start nonetheless and I hope the author will impress with the plot. As far as I’m concerned this story can go in an upright swing or go downhill.

We will see in do time. For now, I’m rating it so far, so good. Plot is interesting; I see it going far if the author puts in some effort. Other than that I will just suggest other’s to give it a read. It’s better than a lot of other things I’ve read; at least the author has talent and some skill. So let’s get this unknown author known. 

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