Monday, 27 May 2013

Laughter House

This story is outstanding, and it’s plot is amazing. I like how dark and creepy, yet childish and naive it is. The mix of those qualities is very unique and makes this very entertaining to read. The grammar is good for the most part, but the amount of the description could be amped. Though, in saying that, this story is truly brilliant and I enjoyed reading it.

Things the author could work on, would be your description. Instead of using such bleak words, try to bump up the vocabulary. It would make the story much more eerie. I feel that when I’m reading it, I am just reading a rough draft, and more will be added later. More of what you ask? Sensory details. As I read this, I longed for long descriptions of how creepy and eerie the house was. For example, when the author described the sudden giggle in the fifth chapter, I longed to read something more bold. So, maybe adding richer and more descriptive words in the story would give it more of a creepier, and heart racing feel. That’s all I feel needs to be worked on.

Overall, I would recommend this story to everyone. Why? For one, it’s appropriate for anyone. Second, the plot, is kid friendly and even though it’s creepy, and dark, it’s beautiful and interesting. Third, the pace is slow enough for anyone to follow, yet fast enough to keep you drawn in and interested. So, in my opinion, this is the book to read if you feel the need to read something mysterious or angsty.

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