Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Neo Genesis

This story isn’t officially posted online yet, the author still has it in draft form, but I mist say it is an impressive three chapter draft. The author emailed it to me asking for a review and I cannot deny giving this story a review before it hits the net. I want to see this story get popular.

It’s very thrilling and I love a good science fiction novel. The chapters are a great length, organized, and well plotted. This author has an amazing talent and I hope to see him just keep writing. I find nothing really bad about this story, it still needs slight edits but the author will find those mistakes, it’s still in draft form.

Before I forget I will mention to you all that the author desires to make this series of his into a graphic novel. So if there are any comic artists reading this interested in becoming the artist of this story, please contact me or the author. The author will not pay you but in my opinion I would get in on this story. For I feel it will go far one day— or at least I hope so. This would be a great action movie, it starts out beautifully.

I can only say positives about this story and highly recommend, it’s one of my favorites I’ve read in awhile. The thrilling, occult, sci-fi and action stories are just so addicting for me, and even if you’re not into that stuff… Maybe this story will make you be… Check it out for yourself.  

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