Wednesday, 1 May 2013

All The Little Sacrifices

This story isn’t what you’ll suspect. At first you think it’s just about an aspiring actress trying to get discovered, just something funny and amusing, but… I tell you it’s so much more. It is thrilling and leaves me on edge to read more. I recommend it to anyone honestly. It’s a good balance of everything.

I’d like the pacing to be slightly faster, but other than that this story is very well written. I hardly found any grammar or spelling mistakes. Only the pacing and the description could be a bit better. Other than that it’s perfect.

Never thought humor and horror could be blended this well. I honestly love this story and hope it get’s more attention. That’s why I am pointing it out here, the last few stories I have read have been crap and it really helps you appreciate an author with so much talent writing a story like this. Check it out. 

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