Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Love

The plot is fantastic… The rest of the story is completely awful. Period. No getting around it. If you’re looking for a vampire romance, than this is for you… If you can ignore writing errors of all sorts. I can’t.

It feels like a Twilight rip-off, honestly. Twilight gone pop/hip hop. I still like the plot, at least feels like the author has some sense of originality I can appreciate. If the author works harder and puts more effort, than this story could go far because these vampire romances are very appealing to teenage girls of this era right now. So good job there.

Now for the negatives… I honestly don’t think this author knows what capitalization is. Or commas and grammar and spelling needs work. Paragraphs are too long. If this story is edited, I may take it seriously. As of now, I’m sorry, I read nothing but mistakes.

This really saddens me, I can see so much potential talent, but it’s put to waste my laziness. Honestly, these aren’t mistakes you can look over… When you can’t go one sentence without reading a mistake. This story could be epic, but now it’s only an epic fail. I want to see it when it’s edited, then I will give this story a five-star review.

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