Monday, 27 May 2013

Reality bites

First off, I think some author’s forget about the importance of a summary. This author is one of those, I recommend making the summary of this story longer and more interesting. Good at keeping the plot secret, but also I have no clue what this story is; it doesn’t give enough of the story away to me to hook me in to read the book. Work on that.

What I assume to be the “prologue”, the opening to Reality Bites is amazingly done. I loved that, that’s more like a better summary, so I’d personally replace the summary with that. That is something that will hook a reader into this book. I also want to see a little more descriptiveness… Sometimes the author is good at it, sometimes not…

Now that that’s out of the way, this story is wonderful. If you’re looking for a thrilling fantasy than this is for you. If you believe in demons and other realms other than the one you know, this is for you. The author has sheer talent for writing and I am impressed. Minor work in this story, other than that, this is my type of read and I recommend it to all.

This is the type of story I hope to see go far, the writing style is nearly perfect. It is as an author and reader alike do… Escape reality. The author really takes you away from reality and opens your mind to that in itself. At this point I’m no longer one that wants an escape but… In any case this story is direct on telling you you’re escaping and that there are many other worlds to discover, I like that and I hope this plot will have some good twists coming soon…

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