Wednesday, 29 May 2013

End Game

I can say this is a ChickLit story, I usually hate these types of stories, this genre but this story was bearable. Take that as a compliment. I have to read stories and review them when the author requests me to review, can be any genre and when I see a ChickLit… I honestly cringe.

Yet, this was well written, emotion portrayed well and I love how many girls— Or at least how I can relate. I don’t always agree with what’s going on, but it’s nice seeing how the main character is growing. All and all this is a good story and I recommend it if you’re looking for a ChickLit Romance.

I won’t— can’t honestly say anything bad about this story, give it a slight edit and it’s very professionally done. It’s a perfect ChickLit, self-acceptance and heartbreak. Bravery and vulnerability. These emotions show through in the main character and I find this very well done. The author knows how to keep readers reading, even the ones who do not like ChickLits. Be proud and keep writing. :)

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