Monday, 3 June 2013

My King

Where do I begin? I think this is interesting. I think this story could go far. The plot is not completely original, but the storyline itself is quite fabulous. I enjoyed reading about the main character’s conflict, and I enjoyed how realistic the reactions were to the plot twist and certain characters. The grammar is great as well. I saw no flaws in it, and I could tell that setting plays a giant roll in the character’s speech, which was portrayed greatly again.

If I had to give the author something to work on, I guess it would just be storyline. There’s a lot of room to really do anything with it. There’s also a chance that the story could fall off it’s high horse and into a big pile of shit. But, I just can’t really see that happening, even if there’s a possibility. So, in saying that, what I suggest is try to eliminate any possibility that this story could go wrong.

Overall, I like this story. I wouldn’t go as far to say I love it, considering there isn’t enough of the story to really draw me in. Of course, it got me interested, but it didn’t grab me, and hold me tight. I would mostly recommend it to girls, seeing as it gave me a fairy tale feel.

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