Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Mutant Star Tragedy

This story is brilliant. It should have more readers and votes than its got. This is for someone who wants a Sci-Fi Scare. This will make you cringe, the way it was worded I’m an impressed with the descriptiveness, it sometimes can get graphic and gross you out, but that’s why it’s great.

The summary may not be all that intriguing at first, but the story kept me hooked. I love seeing the author’s dedication and effort within this read and I look forward to reading more to this book. An end of the world book or movie has becoming something sometimes boring, cliché and done too much… But this story is one of the apocalyptic books I am loving.

Grammar and sometimes perspective could be better. But in any case, if you’re looking for an apocalyptic story, I highly recommend this for you. This story is R-rated for a reason though. If you’re squeamish to murder, rape, abduction, stomach churning violence… This story not for you, but I will swear this story makes all the horror feel real. And that means the author has made a successful story.

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