Monday, 10 June 2013

Cold Ashes

This story is interesting. The description is fantastic, and leaves me satisfied. The words describing the setting are so real that I feel myself right there, beside the characters. Also, the mood and tone are set perfectly, it gives me a slight chill on the back of my neck. For example, when Ryan is bit on the wrist, the kind of approach on how to describe is put me on the edge of my seat. The following actions made me excited, and desperate to read more. And as I continue on, I find more parts propelling me forward, desperate to find out what will happen next.

I saw almost no flaws in this story. Maybe a spelling error here or there, but nothing major. It’s very well written, and the grammar is almost spot on. But then again, the storyline seems to be also dragging. Yes, the detail is fantastic, and the setting is outstanding, but the pace of the story is kind of slow. A little too slow to be relaxing, but fast enough to where it’s boring.

Overall, I think this story is pretty amazing. I would recommend it more to boys than girls, because of the feel of the story. The grammar is outstanding, and the detail is fabulous. The story will keep you wanting more. I don’t think it will ever get boring, considering the storyline seems to be pretty solid. The pace, despite feeling slow, is needed to get the feel of the setting. Again, not relaxing, but that shouldn’t matter because this story is meant to send chills up your spine, not put you to sleep.

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